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Meeting with artist Evi Pärn (in Russian)

Evi Pärn footo

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On Wednesday, May 6, at 5.30 pm, a meeting with Evi Pärn will be held at the Art Gallery of the Narva Museum, whose installation “Different Languages, One People” is on display at the “Is this a Museum We Want?” Exhibition. The meeting will be held in Russian.

The work of Evi Pärn “Different languages, one people” plays with the image of the language. Language, as a part of the body that we use to speak, kiss, taste the food, and language, as a means of communication that we receive in the family, and which largely determines our national identity. For the artist herself, the topic of language is very relevant – born in an ethnically Estonian family with a Russian home language, she always felt that because of her mother tongue in Estonia they did not consider her completely their own. By depicting the meeting of two languages, reducing the interests of the state to relations between people, she is trying to create an atmosphere of understanding that there are more in common between people than differences.

Evie Parn (born 1984) is a multimedia artist who in her work deals with topics of nationality, communication between different communities, integration and rejection. She is a performance artist, illustrator, stage designer and activist. Lives and works in Tallinn.

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