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Helping businesses get online

The digitalization of Estonia is in full swing. Develop your e-business until someone else has occupied your niche!

You are not in the Internet

You are in the Internet space


Two easy steps

создать сайт

Make yourself known on the Internet

Create a site, pages on social networks, advertising banners on a partners site, use all the features. Tell everyone about yourself so that it is clear who you are and what you offer. Create the opportunity to order your product or service on the Internet, even if it is easy and convenient for beginners. But this is not enough!


Attract potential customers

Suppose you have a website. But how many people go to it? Is it possible to find your site through the Google search engine? (and Yandex, if your potential buyers are Russian tourists). Attracting users to your information is called promotion.
Make it Find You!


What can be done

создать страницу

Create a page on the portal Narva-Online

Place your business on our website, and we will take on the promotion! We collect information about all the people and organizations that provide services and sell products. All our readers will see you. Your page on our site can be found through Google!

создать сайт

Create a modern responsive website

We do not just "make sites." From the very beginning, we have been developing your site, landing page, blog, online store so that it can be found through a Google search. A site is an effective channel for advertising and sales, provided that it is correctly made.


Advice on working your business on the Internet

There is a website, a page on the social network, but they are of little use? Just going to do e-marketing, do not understand how and where to start? We will give reasonable advice and draw up an individual strategy for developing your online business!

SEO-promotion of your site in Google and Yandex

Do you already have a website but few visitors? You definitely need SEO! We know how Google and Yandex search engines work, we will promote your site in search results. Long and short-term cooperation is possible, depending on tasks of your business.


How much does it cost?

In our work, we adhere to the principle of financial feasibility. In other words, if you have a small store with a small turnover, we will not offer you expensive strategies. Any investment should pay off and be profitable! There are many different possibilities on the Internet, we will help you choose the best ones.


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Leading Specialist

Analytical mind, cheerful, I find a common language with everyone, experience in Internet marketing 8 years




Pedantic, attentive to details, accurate, I bring the matter to the end, constantly evolving. Introvert.

Kalinina Tatjana disainer


Graphic Designer

Comprehensible, friendly, diligent, purposeful, progressive, modern, creative.

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